Gravity is a replicated state machine that maintains a local copy of a cryptographic ledger and processes transactions against it, in consensus with a set of peers. It implements a modified version of the Stellar Consensus Protocol, a federated consensus protocol. It is written in C++14 and runs on Linux, OSX and Windows.

Lantah operates four Gravity validators located at

  • Launch your own Gravity node
  • OrbitR

    OrbitR is the client facing API server for the Lantah ecosystem. It acts as the interface between Gravity and applications that want to access the Lantah Network.

    Lantah runs a public facing OrbitR server located at

  • Launch your own OrbitR Server
  • Lab

    A suite of tools to help one learn about the Lantah network.

    Explore the Lab



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    Heading Level 2

    Heading Level 3

    Heading Level 4

    Heading Level 5
    Heading Level 6


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